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home of the titans

Central Bucks South High School Athletics


home of the titans

Central Bucks South High School Athletics

home of the titans

Central Bucks South High School Athletics

home of the titans

Central Bucks South High School Athletics

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Code of Conduct for Athletes and Athlete/Parent Handbook

2023-2024 Student Athlete and Parent Handbook-Code of Conduct- Final for Approval (1).pdf

The following Code of Conduct is for students’ privileged to participate and be involved in our athletic program. While you participate, you are representing yourself and your school. You are an example of all that Central Bucks School District believes. All students who seek to participate in any form of athletic activities must strictly comply with the Code of Conduct for Athletes. This does not supersede the “Student Discipline” as stated in the Central Bucks Student Handbook and found in school board Policy 218. Rather, it is a Code that will be used by coaches to insure that all students involved in activities are treated uniformly. Each program may establish additional rules, which apply specifically to that program. The rules and regulations in this code shall apply to any on or off school premises violation and/or adjudication during the season. It is the responsibility of the student to become familiar with and follow the guidelines in this code. The opportunity to participate in a school activity is a privilege, not a right. A student who violates the Code of Conduct can lose this privilege. Please read the entire code of conduct for athletes found in Policy 122.

Booster Club Form A

Booster Club Form A-Projected Expenses-REVISED MAY 2017.pdf

Booster Club Form A-Projected Expenses

Booster Club Form B

Booster Club Form B-Actual Expenses-REVISED MAY 2017.pdf

Booster Club Form B-Actual Expenses

Booster Club Form C

Booster Club Form C-Camp-Clinic Expenses.pdf

Booster Club Form C-Camp/Clinic Expenses

CBSD Policy 915

2022-23 CBSD 915 Administrative Procedures- Final.pdf

CBSD School Board Policy 915: 2022-2023 Administrative Procedures

CB South Accounting Guidelines

CBSD Booster Club Accounting Procedures.docx

This form outlines the accounting procedures that team representatives should follow when depositing or withdrawaling from the student activities account. All teams are encouraged to utilize the student activities account for their banking.

Facility Use Request Form

Facility Use Request Forms & Charges 2022-2023.pdf

The form below should be submitted when requesting the use of school facilities. No facility use requests will be granted without up to date budget paperwork on file in the Athletic office. PLEASE LIST THE HEAD COACH AS THE CONTACT FOR ALL BUILDING REQUESTS FOR TEAM ACTIVITIES.